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Technosteel has evolved itself as an eminent manufacturer of quality Sheet Metal Pressed & Stamped Parts in various quantities. Keeping pace with the changing technology is a commitment that we have honored since its beginning in 1998. The company has continued to grow, develop and to serve the needs of the customers with quality people, products and services.

Technosteel  is a contract metal fabricating company, we provide custom built components fabricated to the specifications of the customers. We are a team of adept engineers who constantly strive to better understand the dynamics of the industry and offer services that are innovative and most apt for the modern usages. The industries we serve are Engineering, Automobiles,Electical, Rubber, construction, O.E.M etc.

The concern of modern manufacturing has always been the minimization of costs and increase of production efficiency. A great deal of research has been performed for all aspects of problems towards these ends. Sheet metal manufacturing is one activity that may benefit from additional investigation, particularly with regards to capacity and cost issues.

More than just a metal fabricating company, Our partner with customers, providing innovative & cost effective products that achieve competitive & strategic market advantages for their customers. Emerged as a major player in this sphere of operation, we are committed to provide premium quality products to our valuable customers.

We are a custom job shop specializing in metal stamping and deep drawn parts for commercial industry. Our products / services are reliable, durable and qualitative.

We have always possessed the ability to design dies and to make them suitable for high production at a very competitive prices.

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